Workflow Analysis

Workflow Analysis

BlueSky can provide consulting expertise within clinical workflow analysis and process improvement to assist within all key areas of hospital operations. Our team members have extensive clinical experience and can assist in helping you understand the impacts of change to your organization through detailed current state and future state analysis.

We can effectively walk you through the gathering of core requirements to address areas where the implementation of the new system will effect change and provide recommendations on how to best manage and minimize disruptions to clinical continuity while still meeting all organizational objectives. We then can provide customized solutions for capturing requirements that provide understanding and facilitate decision making among key stakeholders throughout the organization.

An efficient clinical workflow does not only lead to smooth daily operations and End User satisfaction, but will also lead to increased revenue through increased productivity.


Our Expertise Includes

  • Requirements and Specifications Analysis
  • Current State Workflow and Process Capturing
  • Future State Impact and Readiness
  • Application Design
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Quality Assurance Planning
  • Outcomes Strategy
  • Clinical Decision Support