The BlueSky Difference

The BlueSky Difference

Founded by IT Consulting and Recruiting Veterans.

We know this industry better than most having hired, placed and managed thousands of professionals within a wide variety of positions, including staff-level, management-level and/or senior leadership roles. We are extremely well versed on industry trends, technology platforms, staffing and recruiting best practices and industry leading tools.


The Way We Communicate.

At BlueSky, you’ll quickly find we communicate more effectively with our employees, clients and consultants than you will find elsewhere. We’ve been in this industry a long time and see this as the biggest missing ingredient. We are passionate about communication and feel it is the key difference from simply earning a paycheck and working for company that appreciates its employees and is extremely devoted to its clients.


We Care.

We care. Plain and simple. We’ve been in the healthcare technology, staffing and consulting industry long enough to know this comment gets thrown around a lot but unfortunately without much ‘proof in the pudding’. We are genuine when say that we care a GREAT deal for our clients, our employees, our consultants. BlueSky’s success is completely dependent on our clients’ success and the satisfaction of our employees and consultants.



We Listen.

We listen to our people and we encourage everyone to have a voice in shaping BlueSky to be the best it can be. Our people bring great ideas to the table every day and we encourage this to happen as much as possible. We simply would not be where we are without our people and we really enjoy having the opportunity to learn directly from our employees and consultants on how to best improve our organization and make it more fun than anywhere else.



We Resolve Issues Better Than the Rest.

We admit right up front that we do sometimes make mistakes. We certainly try to minimize mistakes from happening. We also work hard to quickly learn from them when they happen so we do not repeat them in the future. With that said, you can count on us to take accountability whenever we drop the ball and do ALL that is necessary to make the situation right. We truly care about doing what is right and fair in every situation.



We Are a Customer Service Organization First and Foremost.

If we aren’t providing superior customer service in every area, then we are not doing our job. We assure we are aligned with our Customers from the beginning which helps to ensure we understand their expectations, and we know how to work best together right from the start. Once an engagement begins, our customer service plan is tiered to provide boots on the ground with face to face decision makers to quickly address all issues and ensure we are successfully meeting all objectives.