On-Call Resource Teams

On-Call Resource Teams

Does your organization have a need for high quality on-call support services that are tailored to specialized hospital groups including physicians, nurses and other clinical staff members? Learn how BlueSky can deliver cost-effective 24-7 on-call support solutions that are customized specifically for these types of clinical end users.


On-Call Concept

  • Provide high quality On-Call resource teams that can provide inexpensive 24-7 on-call support coverage for specific clinical end user groups (including Physicians, Nurses, etc.).
  • Resource pool would consist of high quality resources that have completed all essential screening and onboarding processes and would have access to all essential systems and education.
  • Resources would be billed at regular rates only when they are supporting customers and resolving issues; When these specialized resources are on ‘standby’, they would bill ‘standby’ rates which would reflect a significantly reduced cost.




  • Cost-effective 24-7 coverage model focuses on specialized hospital groups (Nurses, Physicians, etc.).
  • Increased ability for customer satisfaction due to supporting critical areas (Provider Adoption, etc.).
  • Flexible on-call solutions geared toward optimizing support coverage during high volume periods.
  • Highly specialized, cross-functional support teams can better relate to specific end users while addressing both operational workflow issues and technical issues.