Fungible Resource Pool

Fungible Resource Pool

For clients with significant ongoing hiring requirements and resource challenges due to spikes in customer demand and other moving variables, BlueSky can build Fungible Resource Pools that can offer increased flexibility that will ensure you have access to the highly specialized expertise you need but only will pay for what you use.

BlueSky can provide dedicated recruiting managers, project coordinators and account managers to build a fungible workforce solution that can be utilized as your organization moves through transitionary periods and/or long-term scenarios involving resource fluctuations and change. Our team will work hand in hand with your organization to ensure you have access to the exact skills you need exactly when you need them.



 Fungible Resource Pool Concept  

  • Provide quality resource pool of highly specialized consultants with cross-functional expertise and/or technical skills that can be retained and utilized strictly in an ‘as needed’ capacity.
  • Resource pool would consist of pre-vetted talent that have completed essential screening and on-boarding processes that are essential for immediate deployment.
  • Resource pool would have access to all essential systems and education that would be required for immediately deployment.





Fungible Resource Pool Benefits

  • Ability to respond to last minute scheduling changes and ad hoc technical resource requests.
  • Significantly lower overall costs (fungible versus fixed cost).
  • Increased utilization through ability to access key skills for exact duration needed.
  • Cross-functional teams would be encouraged to provide increased efficiency and continuity.
  • Fluid resource pool evolves based on collective needs of the organization.
  • BlueSky to manage resource scheduling, onboarding, and education based on the needs of the organization.
  • Greater resource sharing opportunities created among teams and departments within the organization.