Legacy Support

Legacy Support Services

BlueSky can help as your organization migrates to another system by successfully bridging the gap with a smooth transition including no interruption to your operations or to your patient care objectives. While your existing internal IT staff focuses on learning and implementing the new system, BlueSky can provide a customized legacy support solution that ensures your end users continue day-to-day business operations without interruptions to their traditional IT support model.


BlueSky Offers Two Legacy Support Models

Managed Service Model

Our managed service legacy support model is designed to quickly assume ownership by shadowing your team to learn custom design and enhancements, your organization’s specific workflow, internal processes, and overall support expectations. We then take full ownership of tickets through resolution with 24×7 help desk support services and a structured escalation and communication process that is tailored to your end users’ needs.

BlueSky can assist with the following essential areas:

  • Application monitoring and maintenance
  • Break/fix and routine application patching
  • Modifying application build to adhere to MU timelines and other regulatory requirements
  • Testing, QA and overall management of upgrades, patches, releases and customizations
  • Report creation and modification
  • Onsite delivery of new hire​ ​orientation End User training

Staff Augmentation Model

Within our staff augmentation model, BlueSky works with your existing team to fulfill legacy support responsibilities in any key areas where you lack specific expertise. We will tailor a custom solution to fulfill all organizational objectives and ensure your end users can continue day-to-day business operations without interruptions while the system migration is underway.


BlueSky Legacy Support Team Includes:

Project Leadership Team:  ​To include a Project Director, Engagement Manager and an Executive Sponsor.

Program Managers:  Senior resources and Super-programmers with extensive product and programming experience that can assume additional team lead responsibilities including detailed review of code, complex programming, and Tier III customization responsibilities.

​Programmers & Clinical/Business Analysts:  Skilled programmers and analysts capable of assisting with Tier II issue resolution, application build responsibilities and customizations.

​Help Desk Support Analysts & Subject Matter Experts:  Support analysts skilled in User support (Tier I-II issues) including writing tickets and ticket ownership through resolution, break/fix &routine patching & system maintenance.