Managed Services Offerings

Managed Services

Within the current healthcare information technology arena, organizations are facing significant challenges as they work to scale and manage their global IT infrastructure while they simultaneously work towards reducing costs. As healthcare systems grow, in size and complexity, both optimal IT performance and cost savings needs to be achieved. Healthcare organizations that can effectively streamline their management of internal staffing pools, resource selection, and all other related administrative workforce processes can achieve significant cost savings.

BlueSky can assist with the management of key resource-intensive IT initiatives, so your organization can optimize existing resources and focus on key strategic IT objectives. Our highly flexible, cost-effective managed solutions can provide healthcare organizations access to quality resource expertise and technical skills within extremely niche technology segments. Our delivery models are also highly scalable and tailored to ensure that your organization only pays for what they specifically use. BlueSky Managed Services solutions can effectively meet internal staffing challenges as well as aid in improving financial, operational, and clinical performance.

Allow BlueSky an opportunity to build a custom solution that is aligned with your organizational goals and budget constraints.


Managed Services Offerings

  • Implementation Solutions
  • Application Management and Support
  • Interim Transitional Support
  • Legacy System Support
  • Clinician Concierge Solutions
  • Population Health Management Solutions
  • End User Education Solutions
  • Infrastructure Management
  • IT Security Management
  • Help Desk Services
  • Specialized On-Call Resource Teams
  • Fungible Resource Teams