Recruiting Differentiation

Recruiting Differentiation

Our Recruiting Team

BlueSky’s recruiting team consists of seasoned staffing and recruiting veterans that have significant experience working within the IT staffing industry. Our team has experience hiring, placing and managing thousands of IT professionals within a wide variety of positions (including staff-level, management-level, and/or senior leadership-level roles) that were focused on the implementation and/or management of information systems. Our recruiting team is provided ongoing training on IT industry trends and technology platforms as well as recruiting best practices including the effective use industry-leading tools and techniques. Our recruiters participate in ongoing training for technical skill assessments, behavioral interviewing, and salary negotiations, all of which enables them to accurately match the most qualified talent possible. Our approach to internal training has directly led to the speed and efficiency at which we deliver candidates to our clients.


Recruiting Strategy Highlights

  • Extensive IT focused consultant database.
  • Detailed candidate records on skills and consulting expertise that is updated often.
  • We recruit passive candidates from our database and network that are not posted on the web.
  • We focus on presenting outstanding candidates opposed to simply matching qualified candidates to positions.
  • We maintain strong communication with our candidates which helps us better understand what offers a candidate has and what other positions the candidate is considering.
  • We manage expectations very well throughout the interview process.
  • Optimal matching of our client’s needs with our candidate’s desires ensures high success rate at selection.
  • We provide clients a comprehensive assessment of key soft skills and intangibles in addition to technical skills and experience.
  • Extensive focus and attention toward critical need positions.


Ensuring Candidate Quality

BlueSky ensures that all potential employees are screened through our internal vetting process to ensure that their skills, experiences, and information are accurate to what is represented. Standard evaluations include detailed specifics on a candidate’s related experience and the number of times they have completed similar projects. We assess soft skills that evaluate their communication skills, level of professionalism, comprehension, friendliness, cooperative nature and attitude.

We believe these evaluations, which are performed by seasoned BlueSky employees with expertise in each area, are key to providing only the very best and most qualified resources to represent us. We understand the time that our clients invest within the candidate hiring process is valuable, so we work diligently to provide more visibility into a candidate’s skill set prior to the interview stage which maximizes time within the interview and shortens the overall selection period. Examples of other documents that we would typically share with a hiring manager would include specific technology product experience matrices, detailed skill set questionnaires, and technical vetting forms. In addition to technical skill evaluations and behavioral assessments, BlueSky also performs professional reference checks and credential verifications.


We incorporate the following techniques to identify excellence:

  • Provide detailed skills matrix highlighting depth in key technical areas.
  • Provide detailed specific questionnaire that provides deeper visibility into the candidate’s specific knowledge and experience that is key to the role.
  • Technical screens by proven subject matter experts that have already demonstrated excellence.
  • References that demonstrate proven performance on previous engagements.
  • Provide candidate video interview that can showcase personality and demonstrates why they are the best candidate for the position.
  • Evaluating credentials and making comparisons to other proven talent.