Testing Management

Test Management and Coordination

Throughout an implementation, testing is often the first time many application teams come together. Testing is one of the most crucial phases considering all of the implementation efforts are finally scrutinized by highly orchestrated methods.

BlueSky can provide testing support within all aspects of test execution including unit, functional, integrated, volume, End User acceptance and operational testing standards. Our recommendation will typically begin with a Testing Strategy to better understand what level of testing is appropriate for your project.

Our skilled team members can assist in your path toward script development by focusing on your test conditions, moving into more complex scenarios, and ending with workable test scripts.  We can guide our clients through test management, script handling, issue resolution, and monitor your overall test effectiveness.


Our Expertise Includes

  • Test Plan and Schedule Development
  • Testing Phase Coordination
  • Test Scenario and Script Development
  • Testing Methodology Development
  • Change Control Management