Physician Adoption

Physician Adoption and Clinical Utilization

Successful CPOE implementations will streamline clinical workflow processes that directly lead to optimal financial performance, staff efficiency and significantly improved patient safety and overall quality of care. BlueSky understands the key to CPOE adoption results from successful process and cultural change opposed to simply changing technology. We have extensive experience working closely with physicians and other influential clinician leaders to champion optimal change.


Path to Successful Physician Adoption

  • Assemble and coach transformative team members including executive, physician and nursing champions.
  • Review current usage and interview physicians and other stakeholders to learn why usage is low.
  • Identify existing roadblocks and potential barriers and make key recommendations.
  • Facilitate change to ensure your organization deploys and updates evidence-based guidelines within key clinical care processes.
  • Redesign workflow and educate as needed to enable a smooth transition from current state to future state workflow.
  • Strategically focus on clinician involvement throughout the implementation especially with regards to order set design.