Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use Services

Attesting to Meaningful Use (MU) Is vital to your organization’s immediate and long-term success. MU demands that healthcare organizations improve care delivery by optimizing key clinical systems, establishing physician alignment models and health information exchanges, performing security assessments, providing advanced end user education, as well as capturing, reporting, and demonstrating key care quality measures (CQM). BlueSky can provide your organization a cross-functional team of consultants that can assist your organization in obtaining your maximum MU incentive.


BlueSky Offers Support in the Following Areas: 

  • Optimization of your existing Clinical Rules Engine system and addressing all essential MU Stage 2 Care Alerts. This area essentially would allow for tracking approximately 50% of the overall MU Stage 2 incentive.
  • HIE Interoperability Services
  • Comprehensive Validation of all MU elements before the tracking period. This would include both functional testing and validating that all MU elements have been addressed before initiating any tracking efforts.
  • ​Security Assessments, Current state and Potential Risks Including addressing encryption as required for MU2 and suggestion of Best Practices.
  • Education of all team members (Executives, Management, Physicians, Nursing, Ancillary staff, Technical staff, etc.) focused on MU Stage 2 Compliance as it relates to their specific roles.
  • Enhancement of Patient Portal as well as delivery of End User Education.
  • Customized Reporting Services within Business Objects, SQL, and other reporting tools.



Where to Start?

  • Allow BlueSky an opportunity to determine what goals and objectives are important to you and your staff as it relates to MU. Our goal would then be to schedule an in-person meeting for discussions with your team to gather essential information and assess your organization’s current state of readiness.
  • We would then tailor a proposal to meet your needs effectively. The game plan we put in place to help you meet MU Stage 2 would enable you to obtain your maximum incentive by an extremely cost-effective roadmap and ongoing maintenance plan to ensure success.
  • All suggestions, changes and improvements that BlueSky would make would include hospital leadership involvement. Comprehensive education would also be provided to ensure self-sufficiency of new changes and processes.