Go Live Support

Go Live Support

Many underestimate the challenges associated with delivering effective end user support during an EHR activation. When going live with a new system, organizations need many qualified go-live support resources to support their users and promote successful system adoption. BlueSky can deliver highly qualified resources that can support your users as well as coach and mentor your staff to encourage knowledge retention and meet each of your organizational objectives. Our team of industry veterans will ensure you have experienced resources onsite right when need them.

Our experienced Go Live Support teams include credentialed clinicians and hospital workflow experts that can deliver optimal Activation planning based on your specific departmental and organizational objectives. We can help develop effective change management programs to increase adoption rates and overall utilization.  BlueSky can ensure your staff has the support they need to maintain a patient focus, while embracing new technology and systems into their daily workflow.


BlueSky Will Reinforce:

  • Identifying relevant points of functionality and advanced functionality.
  • Demonstrating where the new or enhanced technology can increase clinical and operational efficiencies.
  • Demonstrating opportunities to improve productivity with the newly implemented system.


BlueSky Provides Support in the Following Areas:

  • Organizational Strategy for your upcoming Activation.
  • Comprehensive Go-Live Roadmap including all resource assignments.
  • Program Management including coordination, planning, resource allocations, etc.
  • Go-Live Activation Management of 24/7 support services.
  • Provide classroom education delivery solutions for high-volume instruction initiatives.
  • Provide essential elbow-to-elbow support personnel to reinforce training of process and technology in support of increased adoption rates.
  • Level 1 Help Desk and Command Center support resource teams.
  • Implementing an effective Change Management Program.