Go Live Readiness Assessment

Go Live Readiness Assessment

1 Week Onsite Assessment Will Include the Following Activities

  • Meet with Activation Planning Team.
  • Review Activation Plan.
  • Review Communication Plan.
  • Review Physician Adoption and Acceptance.
  • Review Order Sets.
  • Review Education Plan and Delivery.
  • Review and Develop Go Live Cheat Sheets.
  • Aid in Testing Review.
  • Discuss Security Challenges.


Assessment Review and Delivery

  • Present the findings to Management Team and Key Users.
  • Discuss findings and recommendations to determine which to pursue.
  • Provide a recommended scope of work to obtain agreed upon results.
  • Verbal review would be provided on Thursday of the assessment week.
  • Written report will be sent the following week.


Related Elements Introduced by Assessment

  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • Facility Ownership and Accountability
  • Prioritization and Accountability
  • Change Management Planning