Education Services Overview

Education Services Overview

Things To Consider

  • We’ve found that the most common source of problems observed during implementations is inadequate training.  Many case studies of EMR implementations list training as a key factor for success.
  • Lack of adequate training can lead to ‘work-arounds’ that circumvent policies and procedures, which can also lead to patient safety issues.
  • Work-arounds are encountered as users develop ways to work around the technology that’s obstructing them from doing their jobs.
  • Clinicians have been observed bypassing safety features because they are not sure how to use the system properly.


Training Strategy Recommendations

  • Developing a successful training program should include providing clinicians the tools they need to optimize system features.
  • It is important to successfully manage the changes brought about by new technology, so facilities can successfully answer questions such as, “Why are we doing this?†and “What’s in it for me?â€.
  • Training strategies should be developed to assist with change management as this is important to increase adoption and utilization.





BlueSky Approach to End User Training

  • Our training methodology pushes the optimal usage of technology in hospital environments which have enabled facilities to realize goals and objectives in a positive and well accepted manner.
  • Our approach to End User training is much more than teaching which buttons to push or which screens to utilize but more in how to achieve the goals of your clinicians with the new and/or enhanced technology.
  • BlueSky can develop training materials that are customized to meet your End User education needs and tailored to your workflow.
  • Our workflow experts can help develop effective change management programs to increase adoption rates and system utilization.