Cerner Optimization Services


Determine where already purchased and installed Cerner applications can be improved to provide the users efficient and effective design to increase their satisfaction and utilization of the products purchased.


Services Overview

  • Identify existing roadblocks and potential barriers and make key recommendations.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive training strategy that addresses barriers as well as assist with change management which is critical to successfully increasing overall system adoption and utilization.
  • Provide highly experienced consultants that are subject matter experts that can assist with improving efficiencies, streamlining operations and maximizing the overall value of your Cerner technology investment.
  • Provide clinical workflow experts that will analyze and optimize facility workflow in support of maximizing technology potential to increase both system utilization and overall patient satisfaction.
  • Deliver expertise to effectively optimize in-house systems that will collect and report on essential data for quality measures, key performance indicators and other reporting initiatives.


Optimization Service Areas

  • Strategy & Delivery
    • Assess current and future states in support of aligning the organizational strategy to ensure all goals are achieved.
  • Revenue Cycle
    • Improve business operations and accuracy.
    • Reduce Accounts Receivable and increase cash flow.
  • Workflow Design
    • Improve workflow efficiencies by maximizing technology potential.
    • Increase End User satisfaction and utilization.
  • Clinical Adoption
    • Increase adoption of EHR within each of the clinical departments (Trauma/Physician/Nursing/Ancillary).
  • Clinical & Financial Analytics
    • Determine how to collect, quantify and report on data for key quality measures, performance improvement and various organizational reporting needs.